The living room is such a versatile space, no? From entertaining guests to binge-watching something on TV and spending time with family to unwinding after a long day, you do so much in your living room. That’s why you and everyone else puts in so much effort to make this space aesthetic and functional at the same time. But decorating a small living room can be a bit challenging, to say the least. Imagine having to decorate a space that looks great, is super functional and accommodates all your furniture? The last thing you want is for your living room to look cramped. So here are a few secrets to Maximizing a small living room that interior designers swear by.


Switch to Multi-functional Furniture: Now, multi-functional furniture will work in any space. You will notice multi-functional furniture in transformational homes as well. When you are looking to maximise a small space, this type of furniture works wonders. Take, for instance, a couch that can double up into a bed for times when you have guests over is such a saviour. You can also shop for a coffee table that doubles up as a Japanese style dining table. You can use it as a dining table, and when you have more guests at your place, you can use the stools for extra seating. Remember, less is more!


Use a Large Area Rug: Large area rugs work well in small spaces. This is a great way to add structure and separate a space from the rest of the room, making your space look bigger than it is. Choose a large area rug that matches the tones of the furniture. Ensure it is large enough to accommodate all the legs of the pieces of furniture. This trick will not make your small living room look cluttered but do the exact opposite.


Let in More Natural Light: Especially in a small space, lighting is a crucial factor. Lighting opens up a space and makes it look big. If you have access to abundant natural light, don’t block it with dark and thick drapes. Instead, shop for sheer curtains that allow the natural light to pass through, making the room look bright and spacious.


Add Mirrors: Want your living room to look bright and big? Add a mirror. Mirrors reflect light, hence, making the room look bigger and well-lit. To this date, there are various designs and styles of mirrors launched in the market. Thus, it doesn’t only make your room look spacious but also acts as a great piece of art. This will help add some visual effect to your living room as well.


Use Wall Space Smartly: Less space doesn’t mean your living room has to look boring. A wall gallery or an in-built bookshelf can make your living room look instantly aesthetic. It allows you to free up a lot of floor space, making your living room clutter-free.

So these were some excellent tips and tricks to maximizing a small living room. If you are moving into a cosy space, take note of these tips and include them in your living room. iconhomz, the leading developer of smart homes in Bangalore, has transformational furniture and lots of storage space that gives you enough floor space that helps maximise every inch of the room. You can schedule a site visit and check out these well-designed transformational, smart homes in Bangalore.