Have you ever had a day where you realise that there isn’t much space in a particular room and you get down to rearrange it? Have you ever felt that your furniture is taking up more space than you had thought? If it is any relief, most people face this issue. While rearranging your furniture and giving your room a whole new look is a fun activity, you can’t run away from space issues. So how does one make their space work? There is only one answer to this, and that is TRANSFORMATIONAL HOMES.

But first, what is a transformational home? As the name suggests, transformational homes offer multi-functional rooms, furniture and so on. It allows you to instantly transform your space to fit your requirements. It is a new concept in India but is here to stay for various reasons. 

Continue reading to know the need for transformational homes today.

Sustainable Living: With the growing size of the city and the changing demand for homes makes it essential to consider smaller, practical and sustainable homes. The construction isn’t limited to the brick and mortar but also what happens after families move in. From motion-activated light sensors to the garbage disposal to rainwater harvesting. These aren’t just about going smart, but about thinking long term.

Convenience: While sustainable living is a dire need right now, everyone looks for convenience in a home, as well. You spend a considerable amount of time in your home. Imagine if your home couldn’t accommodate your needs or certain activities? Transformational homes are convenient and cater to all your needs when you need them. Let’s take your workspace, for instance. You only require it for a few hours in the day, so why have it take up space throughout the day? Plug-and-play homes offer spaces that include transformational furniture. For example, your bed instantly transforms into your workstation, and once you are done with work, you can neatly tuck it away.

Efficiency: A space-efficient home offers you the room you require while accommodating everything you own in your home. Transformational homes are high on space efficiency. Everything in a transformational home has a designated space, is well-organised and can do twice as much.

Functional: Need some privacy or want more room to accommodate guests at home? No worries! Transformational homes can do just that and more. You can move your walls to get some privacy and slide it back when not required. Transformational homes allow you to play with every space as and when you need it. What more could you ask for in a home?

Transformational homes allow you to do more with your space. Every room is more than what is made to be, and every piece of furniture can multitask. The fluidity of design and intelligent planning are sure to boost your mindfulness and creativity. iconhomz offers transformational homes across Bangalore. Check out our properties that are more than just four walls. Schedule a site visit today!