The Japanese have a concept of ‘Seiton’, one of the 5Ss. Seiton very simply means a place for everything and everything in its place.  When you go shopping, it is very difficult to finalize on things you want. You perhaps end up ‘over shopping’ and once you come home, you find it impossible to find a place to keep it all organised. This rings true for everyone. But the fact is, that sometimes, you may end up running out of space just because you haven’t organized your home. 

Read this blog to see how you can make your home an organised space!

  1. Furniture with Storage: When it comes to clothes, you are bound to run out of space because you are always shopping for new trendy stuff. The smartest way to deal with this is to invest in space-saving furniture. Furniture with storage is a great way to store all your extras while making your home look neat and aesthetic. You can opt for a bed with hydraulic storage or drawers to store anything without burning a hole in your pocket. There are sofa sets with storage also, providing you comfortable seating and lots of store away space.
  2. Under-bed Trays: If buying new furniture is not what you are looking at at the moment, an under-bed tray will do the trick. There are thousands of varieties available today in the market. Depending on what you want to store, you can decide on the size and type before placing your order. You can store winter wear, warm blankets, additional bedspreads, pretty much anything that you aren’t using at the time.
  3. Storage Baskets: Practical and aesthetic! Once you get your hands on these, you can’t help but wonder how you managed without them all this while! These storage baskets can be used for anything and in any space. Need to store your takeout menus, pile up face towels in your bathroom or even store your files, these storage baskets are ideal. Store and put it away on the topmost shelf in any space. They look so pretty, no one will ever guess what is stored inside them.
  4. Foldaway desk: Whether you are a freelancer or have been working from home recently because of the pandemic, a designated workspace is a must-have. But a table can take up a lot of room, leaving you with no floor space. Instead, save space and money by investing in a foldable desk. Once you are done with work, you can tuck away your laptop, notebooks and other supplies neatly. This way, you will stay productive without taking up much floor space in your home.
  5. Double-Duty Shelves: “I have enough counter space”, said no one ever! If it isn’t pans, it is chopping boards, if not that, it is containers that magically find their way to the kitchen counter. Free up your counter space by shopping for a double-duty shelf. This is a smart way to store your kitchen essentials. Store your pretty dishes on the shelf while hanging saucepans and cutting boards on the attached hooks under the shelf. Voila! It is a win-win situation!
  6. Roll-Away Sideboards/rolling organizer: Instead of having your spice containers high on top or taking up too much of your counter space, invest in a roll-away sideboard. You can neatly organize all the spices you own on the rack and tuck them away in any small space in your kitchen. Slide it out when you need the spices and tuck it away when you are done. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Could you?


So next time you find yourself running out of storage space and your home looking like a battleground, you know what to do. These space-saving tips are sure to help you organize your home and make room for everything in your home. But the underlying fact is also about being more mindful about what you buy. One tip is to be mindful. No home can store everything and no amount of organizing can help. Create a list of things to donate or dispose of so you can keep your home clean. 


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