Wouldn’t it be great to have a home that you can keep clean and organized all by yourself? Especially during times like a lockdown. A home where things could be neatly tucked away when they are not required?


In recent times, especially post the lockdown, small and cozy homes are seen to be on the rise. Most people you meet are looking to buy a space that has a much smaller carbon footprint. People have become very conscious of how they live and are making choices based on that. Having said that, decorating and arranging things in your small apartment could get a bit frustrating. How do you fit a coffee table and an ottoman in the small space? Or fit a bed and have enough storage space in your bedroom? Well, there is always a solution! In this situation, it is transformational furniture. Furniture that looks worth a lot and is functional at the same time. Here is a list of the best transformational furniture pieces for your small apartment.


  1. Murphy bed: This convertible bed is the ultimate space-saver! When you are ready to hit the hay, all you need to do is turn the switch on, and it will open out into a bed. During the day, with a click of the switch, it neatly tucks away into the wardrobe. Completely invisible. This way, you will have space for what you need most during the day. For instance, a dedicated workspace. Some Murphy beds come with work desks attached, making it all the easier for you.
  2. Goliath Expandable Tables: You always need a good table, be it for work or to dine. But it is difficult to fit a dining table and a work desk in a small apartment. So what do you do? Here’s an idea, invest in a goliath expandable table. A table that instantly transforms from a work desk into a dining table in a jiffy. If you have kids, you can also use it as a table where your kids can study, and you can work at the same time. You don’t have to stress about buying study tables and a work desk.
  3. Lift-top coffee table: Coffee tables are a must in every home. It makes the living room space more cohesive. In the current times, a coffee table can do more than just a surface to keep a centerpiece. For those living in a cozy home, a lift-top coffee table is just the thing for you. This exceptional table comes with built-in storage space, a shelf below the tabletop and a surface that folds to reveal the hidden storage space under the surface.
  4. Double Duty Couch: There are times when you have guests over. Apart from all the other arrangements that you have to make, you have to make space for them to sleep as well. It is better to be prepared for times like this. No, you don’t have to buy a bed that will be difficult to fit into your apartment. Instead, you can invest in a couch that doubles up into a comfortable bed. All you need is pillows and a blanket. You are good to go!
  5. Storage Bench/Ottoman: Need some extra storage space and seating arrangement? Storage bench or ottoman is just the thing for you. You can store your books, bedding or anything at all. You don’t just get storage space and extra seating, but it also adds drama to your room. That’s a win-win situation.

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