Finding the home of your dreams strikes all the right cords within. You get to check another thing off your wishlist. You finally get to sit on your balcony and have a cup of tea and do all the other everyday things in your home. But ever since COVID happened, people look at everything very differently, especially real estate. People who had bought properties close to a mall realise that living near a shopping mall doesn’t quite hold any significance. COVID or not, people look at various factors when buying a home, but it is time to rethink those in the post COVID era.

Here are the top 5 things to look for when buying a flat in the post COVID era.

1. Well-Planned & Functional homes

The pandemic has made people realise it is not about how huge your flat is but more about how well space is utilised. Keeping this in mind, you must look at buying a flat that is well planned and maximises space utilisation. Like a plug-and-play home that has smart home features and where every space is well thought through. Where intelligent design provides functional spaces. For example, a bed used during the night can be used as a study table during the day. A plug-and-play home is growing in popularity, and this is something you should look at buying in the post-COVID era.

2. Easy to maintain

Who doesn’t want a palatial home? – (except everyone during lockdown). That’s the truth. Maintaining a huge house with lots of little nooks is a task. Without professional help, the task of making sure that the house is clean is a huge stressor. If you are looking for a house, then you need to make sure you can maintain it on a daily basis. 

3. Private spaces

You don’t need a big house to have privacy, just one that is built well. Even the biggest of homes felt small because they were not designed for all members of the family. Entertainment space, dining area, bedrooms were all combined to facilitate meetings and online classes. But if you are buying a house, check if there is enough space to create multifunctional spaces that can double up to become classrooms, conference halls and even cinema theatres!

4. Great Neighbourhood

Sure, even before COVID people looked at the neighbourhood before buying a flat. But you should look at this point with a whole new perspective. Consider looking for ATMs around, clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals and everything else that is crucial. The area that has provisions for your basic requirements is preferable. Not just provisions around your home, these should be within walking distance from your home.

5. Posh and Safe Community

Having a good work-life balance shouldn’t just be the thing of the past. Staying indoors 24/7 isn’t good as well. Having a flat that offers luxury amenities that help you unwind or take a break between meetings is something to consider. Properties that have a reflexology path, amphitheatres, sports courts, gyms, etc will help you stay fit physically and mentally. Also, a flat that offers 24/7 security and is within a gated community is a bonus.

6. Lots of Greenery

Lush greenery has a good effect on people’s health. Not just that, it also spreads a lot of positivity, which is much needed now. A flat surrounded by greenery and landscaped views is something you should strongly consider.

7. Reputed Builder

This goes without saying that you should go with trusted smart home builders and developers. You should check the builder’s track record of delivering projects on time and high-quality construction. Another very important aspect of going with reputed builders is that they have the financial strength or overcome a crisis. They also take the whole documentation process very seriously and make sure the customer has everything they need.

Buying a flat is a huge investment, and you should take it seriously, especially after going through the pandemic and lockdowns. Thinking the whole process through is imperative. Plug-and-play homes are growing in popularity, owing to their smart use of space and providing everything you need in a smaller area has got people’s attention. Iconhomz offers flats that transform into a whole new space instantly. Remember more is less! We have various properties in Bangalore. You can check out our smart home properties and reach out to the team for a site visit or any questions.