By icon / July 27, 2017

Advantages of buying an apartment in Bangalore

Advantages of buying an apartment in Bangalore Bangalore, the IT capital of India and among the largest job markets has...

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By icon / June 28, 2017

Daily workout – how important is that?

Health and fitness have become a booming industry in recent times, and hate it or love it, you simply can’t...

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By icon / June 13, 2017

Spring cleaning essentials

Spring cleaning can be a laborious task, inspite of being a yearly or bi-yearly activity. Planning your spring cleaning process...

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By icon / April 26, 2017

Living in an Apartment

Living in an Apartment – Advantages With the influx of working population in the cities, living space is not only...

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By icon / April 26, 2017

How to find a right home for your budget

How to find a right home for your budget So you’ve finally resolved to go ahead and buy a house....

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By icon / April 26, 2017

Current Real estate situation in India

Current Real estate situation in India The real estate sector has the second largest workforce in India, after agriculture and...

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By icon / April 26, 2017

Beginner’s tip for interiors

Beginner's tip for interiors Picture that lovely home you saw in the magazine for home interiors with perfectly picked furniture...

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By icon / April 25, 2017

How important is ventilation in your apartment

As the number of apartment complexes in the city see a steady rise, it is important for builders to be...

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By icon / April 12, 2017

How to use electricity economically

If you live in the southern part of India, summer time brings with it a harsh reality check in the...

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By icon / February 16, 2017

Home cleaning tips for working women

Home cleaning tips for working women While most women are obsessive about having a clutter-free, picture-perfect home, a lot of...

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By icon / February 6, 2017

Getting the perfect Tenant

With the rise of sale in properties for investment, rentals have become an attractive source of passive income for a...

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By icon / February 6, 2017

Icon Homz – Republic Day in India

With everyday in life having its own importance, let us look at why we celebrate the Republic Day in India....

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By icon / January 23, 2017

Icon Homz – Icon Homz Going Digital!

The whole country is going digital with various financial and other transactions being done online. Icon Homz are leading builders...

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By icon / December 30, 2016

Exercising in Winter

Winter is a nice time for people who love the cold weather and enjoy light drizzles throughout! Living in luxury...

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By icon / October 21, 2016

Colours that make your home spectacular!

We at Icon Homz make sure you own the best luxury villas or villa plots in Sarjapur road. We also...

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By icon / October 21, 2016

Why is Pest Control that important?

Keeping our homes clean and neat has been a practice for centuries and our ancestors used various techniques to keep...

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By icon / October 21, 2016

Living close to the IT hub

Living close to major IT hubs and work place is all about convenience and much more! Our quality villa plots...

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By icon / October 20, 2016

Choosing homes the right way

With choices in plenty, a person looking to buy a property in Bangalore might be confused between 3 BHK Villas...

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By icon / October 20, 2016

Sarjapur – The area of Opportunities

With many Villas in Bangalore up for sale, there’s no doubt that investment opportunities are at their prime. With the...

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Hand holding eco house icon concept
By icon / October 6, 2016

Green Living starts at home

Icon Homz Blog – Green Living starts at home Good habits start from home. Icon Homz offers great 3 BHK...

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By icon / October 5, 2016

Icon Homz – Maintaining your carpets

Taking care of our homes and luxury villas in Bangalore during winter can be difficult if you have a carpet...

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By icon / September 21, 2016

Icon Homz – Ways to relax yourself

With many things to chase after in this busy life of ours, we barely have time to relax and spend...

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By icon / September 17, 2016

Icon Homz – Amenities Advantages in a Community living!

Owning properties have their own advantages for a person so no matter if you are looking to buy 3 BHK...

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By icon / September 14, 2016

Icon Homz – Deciding whether to rent or buy a property

Bangalore offers a variety of properties for buyers. Ranging from 2 & 3 BHK apartments tovilla plots in Bangalore, one can...

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By icon / September 9, 2016

Icon Homz – Villa Living – Advantages Living in an apartment surely has become the norm of the day but...

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By icon / September 7, 2016

Icon Homz – More Solar Power to You

Icon homes have the best of Villas in Sarjapur road and Villa plots near Sarjapur road which have modern infrastructure and amenities...

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By icon / August 25, 2016

Icon Homz – Children’s Day and its importance

We all are aware that children are the future of our country. If you are investing in a property or...

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By icon / August 21, 2016

Icon Homz – Women Buyers in Real Estate

Buyers in general have to be cautious no matter where they buy a house. There are many housing options ranging...

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By icon / August 14, 2016

 Icon Homz – Best flooring for washrooms

Washrooms are an important part of any house, be it villas in Sarjapur or 3 BHK apartments in Electronic City. Taking proper...

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By icon / August 10, 2016

Icon Homz Blog – NRI Investments in Bangalore

An investor needs to be cautious, whether he’s investing in a luxury villa or plots in Bangalore. There is always...

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By icon / August 7, 2016

Icon Homz Blog – Making classy curtains

Be it the owner of an apartment or a villa in Bangalore, decorating isn’t highly necessary. People often stick to...

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By icon / August 5, 2016

Icon Homz – The importance of conserving water

From childhood, we have been instilled the concept of conserving water as it is one of the fastest dwindling non-renewable resources...

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By icon / August 3, 2016

Icon Homz – Lighting homes the right way

At Icon Homz we take pride in owning quality homes and Villa plots in Bangalore Sarjapur road. All our projects...

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