Tips to survive this monsoon

The smell of wet mud, blossoming greenery and brimming rivers and lakes and lazy weekends at home with a book and a hot cup of chai are just some of the delights that monsoons bring with them. However, all good things also have a flipside. The traffic jams, clogged streets, messy clothes and the chances of contracting some deadly water borne disease makes you want to be wary and enjoy the rains with caution. Here are some ways you can do this:
Gear up
Unpredictability is the second name for monsoons. One must always be ready to face those showers. Keep an umbrella handy at all times. If you commute by bike or public transport, carry along a raincoat or windcheater and gum boots.
Keep small eats and change
The unpredictability does not restrict itself to just the untimely showers. You never know when you’ll get stuck in traffic for hours due to the rains, so always carry some small eats with you – either a pack of biscuits or any other snack, so you don’t go hungry. Carrying loose change on you also helps when mobile signals get jammed and you need to make that urgent call home.
Emergency lighting
Power cuts are common during monsoons, so keeping yourself equipped with emergency lamps and candles at home will be a boon during those blackouts.
Avoid flooded streets
Irrespective of how big a hurry you’re in to take that shorter route with that flooded street, do not be tempted to do it. Stagnant water attracts all kinds of diseases that can pose a serious health hazard if you’re on foot. If you’re in a car or bike, chances are that you might get stuck if the water level gets too deep.
Invest in rain-proof footwear
Save those leather shoes for clearer days. Get yourself a good pair of rain shoes that are not only water proof but also save you from electric shocks from an exposed wire on the street.
Keep all your electronic devices including your cell phone inside plastic zip lock covers. Even if you carry a water proof bag, it might not give you complete rain coverage, especially in case of heavy rains.
With the above things sorted, you are at full liberty to enjoy the rains and binge on those teas and bhajiyas.

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