Summer hacks for Bengaluru residents

Namma Bengaluru, known for its beautifully laid garden and lush green cover has been struggling to cope up with the summer all thanks to the global rise of temperature. Here are some major hacks that would help you cope up with this unbearable summer.

Go Green with Bamboo mats

Agreed comfort level takes a dip but the bamboo mats doesn’t retain heat like, unlike its counterpart puffy mattresses. Its minimalist nature helps you to store them at a much lesser space when the monsoon hits.

Right Ventilation at the right time

Even peak summers have buffer time period to let your windows open to let the cool breeze in. Having your windows open from 6 to 8 AM would ensure fresh and cool breeze circulating inside the house. If there your habitat is devoid of mosquitoes and other disease-causing insects, the cool evening breeze in refreshing too.

A neat place gives a holistic mind

De-clutter your room not only saves up space but also gives you the relaxed and composed peace of mind. The peace of mind when you hit your habitat is very essential to recharge your lost energy after spending the an entire day at work.

Plant the right shrub

Growing vines, creepers and strategically placing small shrubs or some plants with domestic uses would prove beneficial to lower the temperature. Make sure that the area around the plants are clean and water doesn’t contaminate around the place.

Add some evening lights

The climate in Bangalore will get increasingly pleasant in the late evenings. Set up a nice cosy place in the terrace and set up neat energy saving lights to spend the evenings outdoors. Being exposed to fresh air and cool temperature, you will definitely start looking forward to the end of the day every day.

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