Spring cleaning essentials

Spring cleaning can be a laborious task, inspite of being a yearly or bi-yearly activity. Planning your spring cleaning process itself is stressful and stocking up on the right supplies can save you a lot of headache. Here are some tips to spot the right places and stock up on the right supplies to help make the process a lot smoother.
Essential areas:
Cabinets – Your kitchen cabinets can be a storehouse of grease over time, so make sure to clean them. Use a cabinet cream to wipe out all that grease.
Windows – Dust your windows on a sunny day when it’s easier to spot the dust.
Kitchen – Soak any greasy items like drip pans and knobs in warm soap water before you start cleaning the kitchen so they are easier to clean by the time you’re done.
Doormats – Hose off and air dry both sides of the doormats placed outside and vacuum the ones placed inside the house
Refrigerator – Tends to gather a lot of dirt over time because of constant use. Pull out all the shelves and racks and wash in warm soap water. Wipe down the rest of the refrigerator with a sponge
Silverware – A toothbrush and a water soluble silver foam or silver polish should do the trick for your silverware. Store them in anti-tarnish cloth bags when not in use.
Mattress – Vacuum clean using upholstery and crevice cleaning tools and spot clean the stains with upholstery cleaner.
Essential products:
Microfiber cloth – When wet, it sanitizes and cleans all surfaces thereby reducing or eliminating the need for other cleaning products. Besides, they’re reusable and inexpensive.
Multi-surface anti-bacterial cleaner – This is an absolute essential for almost any kind of surface, be it wood or marble or cement and is available in various fragrances.
Gloves – Since you’re going to be getting down and dirty, you will need these to protect your hands.
Plastic bags – Never underestimate the need for plastic bags, whether it’s garbage disposal bags or zip locks which you might need for storage.
Vacuum cleaner – This is your go-to cleaning instrument for your spring cleaning activities and having various nozzles to suit different areas of your house is extremely useful.
Vinegar – This is an extremely beneficial product to have while cleaning, as it solves a lot of your cleaning problems, and what’s more, it’s natural.
Spray bottle – You might need more than one of this
Mops – These are available with different options these days, some with a super-efficient liquid dispensing technology and some made with specially designed fabric. Choose the one best suited for your house.