To Do List before buying a Property

When you save up your entire young years to invest on the choice of your dream home, shouldn’t you be extra careful about buying it. Real Estate’s rules and laws gets upgrading with respect to the industry trends to benefit the buyers. Here are the list of things you should look out for –

Approval Plan

An approval plan approved when the builder or developer submits the following documents to the officer:

· Title deed

· City/panchayath survey sketch

· Latest tax receipts

· Foundation certificate

· Land-use certificate

· Property assessment extract

· Property PID number

· Earlier sanctioned plans

· Drawings of the property

Mother Deed

The mother deed is another important legal document that will help you in tracing the previous owners of the property and establish a stronger proof of your current ownership. It can be greatly helpful in knowing who all have owned the property in chronological order.

Conversion Certificate

Conversion certificate is issued by the authority of India to grant the permission of changing farmland or agricultural land into land for housing and without this certificate, the land might be illegal.

Certificate of Completion

Checking this certificate would ensure that the house you are buying or the building you are buying into is duly completed in compliance with the prescribed rules of regulatory authority and is as per the approved plan.

Sale Deed

Sale Deed is the legal document that states the transfer of the ownership, title, and all other rights of the property from the seller’s name to your name.
So before you buy your property make sure all these documents are in order to enjoy a leisure free and legally bound ownership to your dream home.

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