Icon Homz – Ways to relax yourself

With many things to chase after in this busy life of ours, we barely have time to relax and spend time for ourselves. Icon Homz offer you great Villas in Sarjapur Road and also Sarjapur road Villa plots are available from Icon Homz. These are designed in such a way that there is enough open space and scope for relaxation for the residents. This week, let us take a look at different kinds of teas which can make your life much better!
Hibiscus Tea
Scientific studies have proved that it can reduce blood pressure. It is recommended to have three cups every day. It acts as a blood purifier and also helps to increase the hemoglobin count in the body.
Valerian Root
This tea is best for soothing anxiety symptoms and overcome insomnia. Make sure the first consumption is taken at night and also advisable not to drive after drinking Valerian Root tea.
Apart from solving digestion problems, it also acts as a mild sedative. It’s a caffeine free tea. It can be consumed in any temperature—hot or cold. Peppermint tea will give extra benefits if consumed at night before sleeping.
A passable solution recommended by doctors. It helps you overcome insomnia, hyperactivity or stress. Chamomile ranks third in demand after Green tea followed by peppermint tea.
Made of delicate flowers—Lavender tea helps to overcome indigestion, anxiety, irritability, tension headaches and nervous breakdown. Lavender is also used as aromatherapy for relaxation.
Even though the tea tastes bitter, it helps in insomnia, nervous exhaustion and stress. It also reduces cancer cells and help prevent obesity.
Lemon Balm
People suffering from insomnia must consume Lemon Balm tea. This medical potion can also help in fever caused by cold or flu. Lemon Balm tea is also known as Melissa. It also helps people suffering with mental disorders.