Icon Homz – Icon Homz Going Digital!

The whole country is going digital with various financial and other transactions being done online. Icon Homz are leading builders with many plots in Bangalore for sale and know the value of going digital!
This is the main reason we have our own personalised Icon Homz App. With our app available in both Android and IOS platforms our main aim is to connect easily with our clients and serve them with the best of services!
Builders usually have many projects going on at a time and buyers get confused regarding the project details and status. Though nowadays all builders have websites, not all of them are mobile friendly which you can check out on the go.
With quality projects going on all over Bangalore, our app is a one point stop where you can check out about all our ongoing projects. Starting from our project details to booking site visits we make sure our buyers have everything they need in one touch!
Having a personalised app is the easiest way to connect the buyer and the builder. Buyers can have their own login page wherein they can login after buying a house with us. They can make payments and also have personalised progress status of their houses through such app.
As the mobile app is easy to use, anyone can understand this interface and also with the exact location and details of project given in the app one finds it easy while planning to visit the particular project or while one wants to know about a particular project of the builder.
Check out our app and be benefitted by all the great features!