Icon Homz Blog – NRI Investments in Bangalore

An investor needs to be cautious, whether he’s investing in a luxury villa or plots in Bangalore. There is always a right time for investing in any place and at present, the market is in positive trend for investing in Bangalore.
Investing in India can always be a speculative decision for NRIs. Most people are afraid of being misled and tricked. But for NRIs looking to come back to India or invest in properties, the time is highly apt!
The choices available in Bangalore market is galore at present. Starting from 2 BHK apartments to Villas filled with luxurious amenities, the builders are willing to go to any extent to make their customers happy. It is a customer driven market in real estate at present and one should definitely take advantage of it. The number of projects under construction has not fallen. With the revival of the real estate sector, projects have picked up their momentum and most of them are slated for delivery in the next three years.
Apart from different types of housing, different budgets are also available for people to choose from. If you are looking at apartments between Rs. 60-70 lakhs or if you are looking at independent Villas at a higher budget, Bangalore has everything and more to offer!
In India, the real estate sector is getting back to its healthy shape. Though prices have not fallen (rising construction and labour costs), the market is open to negotiation for serious buyers.