Icon Homz – Best flooring for washrooms

Washrooms are an important part of any house, be it villas in Sarjapur or 3 BHK apartments in Electronic City. Taking proper care of washrooms will give the house a new look and keepthem hygienic all the time. The flooring of washrooms are important as they decide the maintenance factor of the washroom. Here are few types of flooring which can be used in our washrooms at home.
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic tiles are the most famous and commonly used tiles in Indian bathrooms. Made of heated and cooled natural clay, it comes in wide options of colours, shapes, sizes, finishes and textures. Ceramic tiles are a good option for safe and non-slippery flooring in bathrooms and can be opted not only for appearance, but also for cost effectiveness and easy maintenance.
Granite Tiles
Granite is considered as a prestige material and generally used to improve elegance and quality of interior flooring. The harness of granite tile makes it durable for many years and its beautiful textures and patterns gives versatile and decent look to bathrooms. The water seepage resistant features and allergen-resistant properties make it undoubtedly the best tile option for a trendy and luxurious bathroom.
Marble Tiles
Marble, the renowned name which comes to Indian minds when we think about flooring for homes. The minimal care required makes marble the favourite flooring option for Kitchen and bathrooms.
Stone Tiles
With its dynamic and versatile designs, Stone tiles have become the flooring choice of many and especially for bathrooms. Along with the durability and practicality, these tiles also give to the bathroom a modern luxurious look. The warming and the gripping benefits makes the stone tiles an ideal bathroom tile and is eco-friendly too.
PVC Tiles
PVC tiles, another kind of tiles which are getting popular these days with its flexibility and ease of installation and the low cost. PVC tiles are becoming the favourite for many who wish to complete the construction with speed and convenience and are the best tiles for bathrooms. PVC tiles are highly resistant to dents, scratches, stain and offers style, durability, and long-lasting performance inside the bathrooms.