How to create a dust free home

Dust is a common enemy in all our homes, irrespective of where you live. Dust is made up of several particles including plant pollen, dead skin cells and fibers from clothing and paper. A lot of people in India suffer from dust allergy, but whether or not you do, it is simply not pleasant or advisable to have dust gather in your house. With these simple tips, you can create a largely dust-free home.

  • Change bedding frequently – Dust termites love to live in your bedding. Make sure you wash and change your bedding once a week to keep them at bay.
  • Place doormats – One of the biggest sources of dust in your house is your feet and footwear, which bring in all the dust collected from outside into the house. You can prevent this by placing doormats wherever possible, especially at the entrance of the house. Place one outside and one inside the entrance of the house to trap maximum dust and prevent it from entering the house. The doormats with a bristle top are most effective. It is also important to regularly wash or vacuum the doormats to prevent dust build up.
  • Cleaning your closet – Your closet is a storehouse of tiny fibers from your clothing which can result in a dust cloud every time you open it. Using garment bags, plastic containers and any other form of storage for your clothes keeps your closet free of dust and also makes it easy to clean. Make sure you clean your closet and wipe out the accumulated dust frequently.
  • Use the right dusting cloth – This is more important than it sounds. Restrict the use of vacuum cleaner to the areas which you can’t dust using a dusting cloth. For the rest of the house, use a dusting cloth that attracts dust and holds it like damp rags, disposable cloths, or cloths with oils or waxes. Refrain from using feather dusters and dry rags which tend to spread the dust around rather than capturing it.
  • Keep windows shut – Keeping the windows open is great to ventilate the house and bring in some fresh air, but it doesn’t help to keep the dust at bay.
  • Avoid carpets – Although they look lovely, carpets are a breeding ground for dust mites. Even vacuuming daily may not help. It is better to stick to hard flooring.
  • Beat the rugs – In addition to vacuuming, the rugs and cushions in your house, you also need to hang them over a fence or clothes line and beat them with a stick to get rid of all the accumulated dust.
  • Declutter – It is only common sense that a cluttered house attracts more dust. Declutter as and when you see a pile of things lying on the floor and place them where they belong.
  • Install air purifier – In addition to all the above precautions, you could install an air purifier in your house to enjoy better air quality. They come in a variety of sizes and price points that you can choose from according to your requirements. Air purifiers contain a fan that circulates the air and a filter that captures dust and pollutants.

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