Host the best New Year’s party ever

2018 is just round the corner, and it’s the time of the year to party. Many of us choose to escape the mad rush in all the hotels and clubs around and opt for a more intimate and enjoyable private party, either at home or at a private setup elsewhere. What’s more, it can be made a lot more pocket friendly than going out. When you host a really good New Year party, it is sure to be remembered and talked about for a long time, so it would be worth your while to take some of these tips on hosting the best New Year’s party ever.

1. Home sweet home – Don’t bother looking for halls which you might have to shell out a bomb for. Home is the best place to host your New Year’s party. It’s cheaper, a lot more intimate and comfortable, since you will be partying with your close set of friends and family.
2. Lighting – One of the most essential aspects to create the right ambience in a party is the lighting, and your New Year party is no exception. Create a warm and welcoming environment with a low-wattage colored light bulb in tones of warm orange, red or yellow. Bring out those table and floor lamps.
3. BYOA party – Make your party not just interesting, but also a lot more cost effective and less stressful for you by making it a “Bring your own appetizer” party.
4. Keep it cozy – You might have a bunch of acquaintances and friends, but when you’re hosting a New Year party at home, keep the number of invitees limited and only call a set of people who are familiar and comfortable with each other. This allows you and the guests to actually enjoy the party without inhibitions.
5. Use disposables – Your guests are going to have fun at your party only when you, as the host are at ease. And you will be at ease when you don’t have a pile of plates and dishes to wash up after the party. Use disposable cutlery and crockery to save yourself a ton of work post party.
6. Champagne sangria for celebration – Bring in the new year with a champagne sangria instead of just champagne. This not only saves you a lot of money, but is also a delicious and celebratory way to toast for the new year.
7. BYOB – Alcohol is probably the biggest expense area in your New Year party. Go easy on yourself by asking your guests to bring in their favorite cocktails. Not only is this cost effective, but also livens up the party by providing the guests a variety of fun drinks.
8. Get help – A New Year party is a lot of work, and you could most definitely use some help with serving food and beverages and cleaning up. Hire a help to make your life simpler.
9. Midnight supper – After all the drinking and partying to bring in the new year, your guests are bound to be hungry past midnight. Arrange for a supper to be served at midnight, which will keep your guests happy and the party going.
10. Use Christmas decorations – If you spent considerable effort decorating your house with pretty serial lights and stars during Christmas, you most likely can use the same for your new year party. This way, you can decorate your house at no extra cost.


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