Home cleaning tips for working women

Home cleaning tips for working women

While most women are obsessive about having a clutter-free, picture-perfect home, a lot of working women do not find the necessary time to make it happen. In the scenario where there is the added responsibility of kids, it gets even tougher to keep the house in presentable condition. However, an organized approach to cleaning will solve the problem in such cases.

Leave the major cleaning for once a week. Fix on a day, preferably a Sunday when it’s a holiday and everyone at home can lend you a helping hand.

Pick one week and get down to clearing the clutter from each room. Do one room per day so it does not feel like a burden and doesn’t take up too much time.

At different points of time, different areas of your house need more or less attention. Make a list and prioritize your activities. Set about them in the order of their priority. That way, you will never have any major task left unfinished.

Set time limits of 10-20 minutes for a particular task and try to accomplish as much as you can in that time.

The best thing about having a family is that you get to delegate tasks. You don’t have to do it all yourself. The home is a shared space and everybody, including the kids is equally responsible for keeping it clean. Assign tasks to each person and follow up with them.

Distribute your cleaning supplies all around the house. Keep some in every room. This keeps you from running out of supplies and also makes the cleaning process easier and faster, compared to if they’re all in one corner of the house.

Cleaning the fans can be made easier and less messy if you cover them with pillow covers and then wipe.

Invest on a good vacuum cleaner which is much faster and more efficient than sweeping the floor.

Last but not the least, use the rule of thumb that is to pick as you go. That can also be extended to wipe as it spills. This tiny step will save you a lot of trouble, time and energy later. Don’t wait for clutter to pile up. Any spillage, if wiped immediately, will prevent stubborn stains which you have a tough time getting rid of if you leave it for later.