Green Living starts at home

Icon Homz Blog – Green Living starts at home

Good habits start from home. Icon Homz offers great 3 BHK flats in Electronic City which are surrounded by nature and urge the residents to lead a green living.

We give you few basic green habits which can be followed starting at home that will positively affect your environment.

• Start by reducing the power consumption at your house. With living busy lives, people often tend to forget to turn off unnecessary lights, fans and other electronic appliances.Doing your small bit to the environment can add up to a larger scale of action.

• Have plants at home. Though having many plants at home might take time for maintenance, try having few green plants so that there’s always fresh air in the house.

• Use lighter curtains and make room for plenty of natural ventilation so that the usage of fans, air-conditioners and lights are reduced to a great extent.

• Try avoiding plastic containers, bags and other articles as much as possible. Though they are highly convenient to use, replace them with organic and breathable materials like earthen vessels, jute bags etc.

• Instead of blindly throwing away everything you don’t need in the trash, separate recyclables like aluminum cans, paper, and glass. Compost produce scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, and spread them around in your garden as fertilizers.

• Also cutting down on usage of cars and other vehicles which cause pollution can help.Try living close to your workplace so that the travel distance can be cut off and you can also try carpooling with people from the same locality!