Exercising in Winter

Winter is a nice time for people who love the cold weather and enjoy light drizzles throughout! Living in luxury is always our motto for our buyers who can be seen in our 3 BHK duplex villas at Electronic City or our 3 BHK Villas at Sarjapur. Over everything, one should take proper care in winter while walking or doing any form of exercise so that they remain healthy.
Being warm is an important thing during the winters. You should cover your ears with a muffler or scarf. That is essential as ears are sensitive to cold and bitter winds. Do not exercise in the open wind without wearing proper attire like a jacket, socks and thick cotton pants.
Cold temperatures mean dry air which spells trouble for your skin. So hydrate inside and out. Drink plenty of water, rub on moisturising cream or lotion after showering and apply lip balm with sunscreen before and during your workout.
Due to the cold temperature, our body joints tend to pain and swell if exercises are rigorous. To avoid this, do not extend your workout for more than your capability.
Staying hydrates is the main thing. People might think that you do not need much water during winter season but it is highly important to take lot of water while exercising in the winter. 
During winters you can also opt for indoor exercises like Yoga, Dancing and Meditation. These exercises help t rejuvenate the body functioning and reduces stress without suffering from the freezing cold outside.