Diya ideas for this Diwali

Diwali, the name by itself means “ the festival of lights” and what better way to celebrate than to use diyas as a part of the celebration. Apart from the symbolizing the end of darkness and welcoming prosperity, Diyas make a fantastic style statement and also bring a lot of positive vibe to the house.
By illuminating your home at every corner with diyas, you welcome much joy and radiance into your home. Here are some creative ideas on how to intricate diyas as a part of your home décor.

The floating diya
Diyas when let to float exhibit an elegant wave motion which is a sight for eyes. Adorn the float with flowers for that extra appeal.








Diyas on Rangoli
Adorning diyas around or in the centre of the rangoli is a sure shot way to highlight your work of art.









Diyas on stairs

A pathway towards your home lit by the beautiful diyas on both the sides would increase the elegance and bring much more warmth.














Diyas on dining room

Speaking of warmth, having diyas on dining room not only keeps a warm mood on the room but also brings joy over the dining table.









Outdoor Diyas

Light up your garden or your outdoors with diyas and see the magic . The visual would be astounding. Make sure that the diyas are at a safe distance and properly covered to prevent fire.


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