Daily workout – how important is that?

Health and fitness have become a booming industry in recent times, and hate it or love it, you simply can’t ignore it. The flawed lifestyle of the urban youth led to a series of health complications at an alarmingly early age, which spurred the need for more awareness regarding health and fitness. The information age came to the rescue, and today, the number of people who are conscious of their fitness has increased manifold.

How often does one work out? The internet will give you various answers for this, so most people are left wondering whether it is alright to work out everyday. The answer is yes. It is important to work out everyday. Just as you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, make your work out part of your daily routine as well. Planning is key here though, and you can space out your high intensity workouts for a few days depending on your ability and requirement. Keep a day or two a week for restorative work out practices that will help relax the body while stretching the muscles and easing any built-up tension.

Try to space out your work outs in such a way that your body gets a holistic work out at the end of the week. Some reasons why working out daily is advisable are:

* Stimulates your brain functioning – This is because your brain gets more energy and oxygen while working out

* Improves posture – Posture related problems are rampant with today’s lifestyle. Regular exercise of the abs, back and other muscles helps improve posture.

* Morale booster – Once you make exercise a habit, you’ll notice how much it helps your self-esteem and confidence. Apart from looking great, you get a feeling of accomplishment when you work out and see the results.

* Stress buster – There’s nothing that helps release stress better than regular exercise. The release of endorphins act as natural stress busters and your mind will thank you for it.

* Quality sleep – Regular exercise magically makes all other activities fall into place, like eating and sleeping. You can be guaranteed of restful sleep at night

* Higher energy levels – It’s all one big cycle – you exercise well, you sleep well. You sleep well, you wake up fresh and energetic. In fact, a mid-day workout leaves you high on energy for the rest of the day and works as a great pick-me-up.

* Better sex – Yes, that’s right. Exercise keeps the blood circulation going, and so increases arousal in men and reduces the chances of erectile dysfunctioning.

* Healthier you – Exercising increases your body’s immunity and so sickness won’t get to you as easily. It also increases longevity, so you can be assured of a long and healthy life.

*Positivity and happiness – And if all the above reasons aren’t enough, you will be a happier person with a more positive outlook towards life