CCTV camera at apartments – a must?

Since apartments are characterized by a larger and moving population, more activity and a diverse set of people living together, the need for a tight security system becomes imperative. Apart from a robust security force, CCTV cameras have time and again proved to be a boon in apartment complexes.

CCTV cameras, or closed circuit cameras, are security cameras installed to keep an eye on any untoward activities in any given campus.
Of course, security cameras come with their own set of advntages and risks, but on the whole, the benefits far outweigh the risks involved.

Benefits of CCTV cameras in apartments

The obvious and most important benefit of CCTV camera is that it provides a sense of security to the residents by discouraging any kind of crime occurring in your apartment premises.

You can broadcast the security camera footage on the internet, which allows you to view it from anywhere in the world.
Even if something were to happen despite precautions, it is easy to identify the culprits

CCTV security systems are surprisingly affordable these days, so installing it in an apartment complex should not be a problem.
Apartment surveillance cameras provide high resolution images compared to its analog counterparts, with no problem of static.
However, anything with pros also comes with its set of cons, so it’s wise to consider both before making a decision.

Risks involved in CCTV cameras in apartments

Bad weather can damage the CCTV cameras placed outdoors
CCTV cameras in apartment complexes should only be installed in public areas like the parking lot, lobby, etc. the residents stand a risk of losing their privacy if any of the cameras face their door entrance or inside the house.

CCTV cameras often fall prey to vandalism, although they are installed to keep such crimes at bay. For this reason, make sure they are placed out of reach, and if possible with some protection around them.

Apartments in Bangalore are now increasingly embracing CCTVs to provide added security to its residents. It is evident that the benefits of these cameras are far more crucial than the risks involved, therefore making them a must for every safety conscious apartment complex.

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