10 things every puja room needs

A puja room is an essential part of every Indian Hindu household. This is a very frequently used part of the house, especially if you have parents, grandparents or any elderly people living with you. Of course, the things you place in your Puja room are a combination of your individual faith, old sentiments and family traditions. There are few things, however, which are standard and essential to complete your Puja room.

The right direction – Vastu rules demand that the Puja room in your house should be located in the east and your direction while praying should be facing the west.

Furnishing – Whether you have an entire room designated for the home temple or a small space in your house, if you have doors opening into the temple, make sure there are two doors and not one. Keep the furnishing minimal and make sure to use natural material like wood or marble in the Puja room.

Idol size – Our scriptures suggest smaller sized idols for your home temple or Puja room. If you want to place a shiva linga, it should be no bigger than the size of your thumb, as a shiva linga is highly sensitive to energies in the house.

Idol placement – The idols in a Puja room should never be facing each other. All of them must be facing the front. Do not have broken or chipped idols in the room. Make sure none of the idol’s faces are obstructed by flowers, vases etc.

Ventilation – It is very important to ensure that your Puja room or temple space receives ample sunlight and fresh air at some point in the day. So choose an appropriate place for it. It is believed that the sun’s rays eradicate all negativity and evil energies from the house.

Fresh flowers and water – Always place only fresh flowers as oblations to the god. Never place stale or dried flowers, even if you do not have access to fresh flowers. This holds true for water as well. The exceptions to this are the leaves of the tulsi plant and gangajal, which are never considered stale.

Things to avoid – There are certain things that you must not keep in the Puja room. This includes items made of leather, like footwear, bag, etc., and photos of deceased family members and ancestors. Place these photos in the southern region of the house. The only things to be stored in the puja room are items required for oblations and puja.

Curtains – Have curtains for your puja room. It is believed that just as we shut the light and retire to sleep at night, so do the gods. So draw the curtains at night and shut off the light in the room.

Bells – The sound of bells is considered very auspicious during a puja as it is said to eradicate negativity from the house. So make sure you have bells in your puja room.

Away from washroom – It is inauspicious to have the puja room close to the loo or washroom. So make sure these two are far away from each other.


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